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LYCKA - Trestles, plywood white

LYCKA - Trestles, plywood white

Art-Nr.: 6084

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Wood / Finish / Color

plywood white


Materialbild Multiplex Weiss Mit Kante    



W/H/D Size - unfolded: 59 x 72 x 34 cm
height - folded: 74 cm


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Delivery content

Delivery consists of 1 pair = 2 trestles, completely assembled



The trestle pair LYCKA is made of 15mm birch plywood in various colored surfaces. The individual elements are connected by high-quality, nickel-plated metal fittings. All outer edges are rounded to avoid being damaged by impact or by strong weight - thereby both floor, table top as well as the trestle itself remain protected. Setting up LYCKA is very simple using the latchable fittings that prevent unintentional folding. The rounded handle hole gives a good grip when setting up, folding or storing away the trestles, it can also be used to hang the trestles onto the wall.


Short information on plywood: plywood is multilayered and grouted solid wood veneer with a resin-coated surface in different colors. The plywood edges are natural and untreated. Detailed information on the base material and the properties in the material overview.



LYCKA can be used with table tops in various sizes. With a 60cm narrow countertop you can transform the trestle-pair into a small working space, a buffet or an oblong party-table. With a wider table top, the trestles LYCKA are an ideal flexible office environment, to be used as a desk, working, dining or living room table for all occasions. Whether permanently installed or for frequent use and dismantling - with a table top of your choice the trestles form an ideal place to eat, work, play or to get together.



The trestles can be used with table tops of different thicknesses, sizes and materials. We recommend table tops with the dimensions: Width 60-80 cm x Lenght 120-150 cm. The thickness should be appropriate to the material.


Extras / Special

If not in use the trestles can be stowed away space-savingly behind the door, under the bed, in the closet or in the wardrobe. Easy to handle, fold and lift by using the integrated hole - which can also be used to hang the trestles to the wall. The snap fittings provide a secure stand so that they can not fold up by itself if once set up.
The snap fittings, the stand of 34cm and the extremely stable material of 15mm plywood transforms the team of 2 into a sturdy table base.


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Art-Nr.: 6084

Price per item: 195.60 € 117.00 €
incl. VAT, excl. Shipping