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Shipping costs



The shipping rate per order amounts to 9,99 EUR - regardless of items and weight of your order.

You may choose among the following payment options:


  • Payment in advance by means of EU-SEPA (IBAN/SWIFT)
  • via Paypal Pay with paypal

Shipping to islands

If the delivery destination is located on an island (e.g. Fehmarn,Sylt, Helgoland), we ask you to please contact us prior to placing your order. We will than asses whether a delivery can be carried out. Thank you.

Important Shipping information:

  • We do not ship to countries outside of the European Union, e.g. Switzerland, USA, Norway, etc.
  • We do not ship to P.O. boxes.
  • The order may not be picked up on location.

  • We ship with UPS, DHL and their partners.
  • Delivery is carried out on business days from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • We are not able to influence the exact time or day of the delivery.
  • Please state a differing delivery address, if you cannot receive the packages at home. Thank you.
  • A direct delivery to or if the parcels are very long UPS will NOT deliver them to UPS AccessPoints.
  • If the attempts fail, UPS will leave an InfoNotice each time, which gives you a lot of options to change the delivery. Please see said card for more information.


woodandmore does not ship directly to Switzerland. For deliveries to Switzerland, there is the option of using independent shipping service providers. These are available in the form of parcel acceptance points with storage for collection or shipping agents who take care of shipping including customs clearance.

Examples are: Mypaketshop, Swiss-paket, MeinEinkauf, Grenzpaket, Paket4you, worldpaketshop, Lieferadresse-Konstanz Attention: woodandmore is not affiliated with any of these or similar services. The commissioning and claiming is done by you as a customer.



Update 17.04.2023 - shipping to Austria is now possible again without restrictions for both commercial and private customers.


From 01.01.2023 woodandmore will refrain from sending orders to Austria due to juridicial changes made by the austrian government. Our Austrian customers may of course - like customers from Switzerland - use parcel acceptance points with storage for collection near the German-Austrian border.

Examples are: D-A-Packs, Lieferadresse Deutschland, Paketstation


EU countries:

Please see the following table for the individual shipping costs for each product to other EU countries.

Available payment option: in advance by means of EU-SEPA (IBAN/SWIFT) or PayPal.



Shipment categories
Note: The charges apply per item and piece (except within Germany).
1 2 3 4 5 6 7* 8**
25€ 40€ 55€ 69€ 79€ 99€ 0€ 1€
25€ 40€ 55€ 69€ 79€ 99€ 0€ 1€
25€ 40€ 55€ 79€ 95€ 125€ 0€ 1€
25€ 40€ 55€ 79€ 95€ 125€ 0€ 1€
25€ 40€ 55€ 79€ 95€ 125€ 0€ 1€
25€ 40€ 55€ 79€ 95€ 125€ 0€ 1€
25€ 40€ 55€ 79€ 95€ 125€ 0€ 1€
The Netherlands
25€ 40€ 55€ 69€ 79€ 99€ 0€ 1€


* Products in this category cannot be shipped to other EU-countries.
** Only applicable for optional accessory products - e.g. adjustable furniture feet, bumpers, etc.


Your EU-country is not displayed here? Please contact us. We will gladly provide a not-binding offer for the shipping costs.